La Sens De "Zubaboy Session – Une Banane"

Comprendez "Zubaboy Session – Une Banane".

"Une Banane" est une chanson.
La langue de la chanson est le Lingala.

La Sens

"Une Banane" signifie une banane.
Un homme as problème de vie.
Il devenissais une ivrogne.
Il détruiait sa visions.
Il attend la bénédiction de Dieu.

Lingala Lyrics

Bino bosakana na nuance
Mokolo ya suka boko mona sointement
Ya nga mapendo
Ba petits na nga bazo tala tv
Misusu ba beta mitendo
J'arrive à la deuxième bouteille de turbo
Vieux père atali nga na misu aleli
Mes rêves d enfances ebeti nga tshobo
Moi qui rêvais d'être astronaute
RDC je reviens du Congo
Batinda na poto na luka mbongo
J'ai fumé le bedo malheureusement
J'ai fumé le bedo malheureusement
J'ai fumé le bedo malheureusement
Une banana deux banana
Trois banane n'a tuna nanieeh
Une banane deux bananes
Trois bananes na simba nani

Na effaca ba reve na gomma na koma na stylo na sali barature
Non sans trainer chaque seconde pona gagner komba oyo na polaki lobi
Naza lokola equipe oyoezo mener au
Score na deuxieme periode ya prolongation
Tozela action na sim' onction que nzambe a pesa biso benediction
Vie abeta nga tshing tsha one lokola maître y aba shaolin
Biso ba Yuma bango ba yanke
To dame ba kwanga bango ba pain au lait
Depuis nabanda kozela yo oyaki lokola pere noel
Nabunga kutu elongi no
Na mituni à qui j'ai l'honneur
Une banana deux bananes eh! Malheureusement
Une banane deux bananes eh! Malheureusement yiba nani eh
Ba parent balobakiokoma drogue
Ba masta nayo baza ba détraqué mudendele alobi ezobebisa santé
Mais na getho ekoma repas prefere eh!
Une banane eh deux bananes

English Lyrics

You guys joke with struggles
One day you will be served
Mine is love
My little guys are watching TV
Others are playing video games
I am now taking my second bottle of turbo
My father looked at me and shed a tear
My childhood dreams have blinded me
Me who wanted to become an astronaut
DRC I am coming back from Congo
Let them send me in Europe so I can earn money
Unfortunately I smoked weed
Unfortunately I smoked weed
Unfortunately I smoked weed
One banana two bananas
Three bananas who should I ask
One banana two bananas
Three bananas who should I hold

I erased the dreams I wrote with a pencil and crossed out those I wrote with a pen
No without training for even one second so that I win this fight but I am loosing
I am like a team leading
In the second half of the game
Let's wait to see what happens after the blessings that God has given
Life has beaten me down like a shaolin master
We are the cowards and they are the gangsters
We eat cassava while they eat bread and milk
Since I have been waiting for you, you came around like Santa Claus
I even forgot your face
I wonder who came to visit me
One banana two bananas eh! Unfortunately
One banana two bananas eh! Unfortunately continue stealing
Parents said that you became a drug
Your friends have strayed and white people said it's not good for your health
But in the ghetto it's a favorite meal
One banana eh two bananas

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